Check-in Baggage

Checked Baggage


Online Bookings


For bookings made on the Cambodia Airways web site:
Fare includes 20 kg of checked baggage. Please purchase additional weight allowance at time of booking online. Weight allowance purchases at the airport will be subject to additional fees.


Other booking methods


Baggage fees may differ if you book via a method other than the Cambodia Airways web site. Please confirm capacity and fees with your reservation provider.

Excess baggage fees
Fees are levied for any excess in total weight, regardless of the number of bags.
No single bag may weigh more than 32kg.
All fees are applied per flight sector.
For connecting flights involving another carrier, additional fees may be levied by the other carrier.


Checked baggage dimensions

The length, width and height of any checked object cannot exceed 158 cm.
Additional fees apply to exceptions.

Please note:

Cambodia Airways reserves the right to deny carriage of any item deemed to be too large, or one that cannot be split / repacked.
Please carry your valuables in your hand luggage.
Dangerous goods* are prohibited.
All electronic devices stored in your checked baggage should be powered off and secured to prevent damage during baggage handling.

*(Flammable substances such as petrol, cooking gas, matches, sulfur. Corrosive or reactive substances such as acids, alkalis, peroxides, oxidizing materials, explosives. Dangerous substances such as poisons, infectious agents, radioactive materials. Dry ice, liquid nitrogen, strong magnets. This is a partial list only. You must declare the presence of any substances in this category in your baggage and / or on your person. Please consult a Cambodia Airways agent.)